Shaking Up The Casting Industry

We are the face you see on the front pages and magazine covers. We are the main character in your favorite music video, the kid whose face you see on a chocolate wrap, and that lady whose Hollywood smile ended up on a toothpaste commercial. We are the ones who are applauding the gladiators in a crowded arena, and those who are crossing the street while James Bond is racing down the road in his Aston Martin. We are the people from the set: actors, amateurs, extras, singers, or to put it this way – talents. We are the stars of our own film, and the roles are as follows:


Founder & CEO, Casting Director

he main head hunter of talents in Dalmatia! Zero-chill type of director, whose efforts open doors of TV screens, radios or stages. Once a film set woman – always a film set woman. The real Jack of all trades. Multitasker level pro. The most effective operative. Always in medias res! In her free time, Anđela is an MS degree holder in English language and The History of Art, but she is your go-to woman for everything in the southern region of Croatia during her working hours. And she’s just a phone call away!


Casting Manager

Nikolina likes to go the extra mile. She has a solution to all of your problems and she is up to the task. Considering the number of people and production tasks she handles in a single day, not even Gerard Butler in the movie 300 couldn’t beat her. Agile like a cat, Nikolina is successfully managing her nine lives. She is also an MS degree holder in economics and a children’s storybook writer. One can describe Nikolina as a mythological beast Hydra – for every head chopped off, she regrows a couple of them.


Casting Cordinator

Always on the move! Silent force that can conquer the Casting industry! Not only does hethink fast but he learns even faster. Magicianon the set that can make any problem disappear! Our shoulder to cry on and ear to listen.At the audition for the remake “What Women want” he would definitely get the lead role. He is studying filmmaking and has done short films only in film format. He has proved numerous times that he can turn any little detail into a significant asset for a successful story




We simply love people, challenges, difficult tasks, deadlines, and issues that seemingly cannot be resolved. Don’t worry, we still like to have fun, that’s why we’re doing what we’re doing! Doing business without borders! We are at service to local and international clients, regardless of the size, nature and budget of the project. We do the job efficiently, professionally, and – on time. Our motto is: if you wished it, come and see it for yourself. With our wide network of talents, we can offer a solution for your every idea and project. If nobody from our network of talents matches the profile you are looking for, we will always go beyond to find what you need. We find talents for different types of projects: TV, radio, theater, commercial, fashion, film, etc. We are your Jack of all trades. Our forte is our swiftness, quality and reliability. We support our clients from the pre production phase until the post production phase, we lead from the idea to the implementation.

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One needs the right person for every job. We have a lot of right people at the same spot – the biggest database of talents in Dalmatia. If you are looking for a professional engagement or just a gig on the side under the reflector lights – you are in the right spot. It is time you stop daydreaming about your 5 minutes of fame and start living your dreams. Apply here to make your dreams come true. You can be anything you wish for: be it an extra or a movie star!

Kids database – little big stars

When we said we had the biggest database of talents – that’s exactly what we meant!
Click here to add your pet to our base of talents. Why would your dog be a poor people’s Lessie when it can be the main movie star?